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How We Do It

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Your brand already has a lot of great content created about it; by the brand and by the audience.

At Storied, we start by reviewing your arsenal of content to determine ways that we can make what is already there, work harder for your brand. Are there user-generated videos that can be integrated into social channels? Is there a genesis of an idea in Instagram out of which a bigger story can be told?

The outcome of this initial analysis and better leveraging existing assets will augment the brand’s relationship with existing audiences, and provide a the path to finding new audiences.

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In addition to looking at your existing content, we examine your audiences to identify key hyper niche groups for which your brand has resonance and relevance.

Storied seeks out these unique audiences and finds communities where they congregate. We leverage your existing content to represent your brand to these communities in the context of each lifestyle, life-stage, etc.

Be it amateur stargazers, occasional anglers, or aspirational ice climbers – we find where they are, and bring your brand to them.

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In addition to the identification of hyper-niche audiences, and the distribution of existing content, Storied will work to create additional complementary content to continue to further the relationships with identified niche groups.

We develop stories; images, videos, long form content, sharable sound bites, that represent the brand in the context that is going to be most accessible and relatable to the identified audiences.

We create Content, Context and Community for your brand.

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“If you build it, they will come”

Defining success – going beyond the like

Where there is no available distribution channel for the identified niche audiences, we will create one! We can build a custom social channel, proprietary magazine or other means of reaching an underserved audience.

We’ll not only feature your brand, but will also identify other complementary brands that will also benefit from reaching the same audience.

By taking a leadership role in the creation of niche properties and publications, Storied can help you turn your marketing efforts into a profit center.